Quantified Chase


Chase Kregor


  • Primary: Create a dashboard of my life for information gain.

  • Secondary: Display my data to the public as motivation & accountability to improve various aspects of my life.

  • Secondary: Have fun creating an interesting data science project about myself.



    How Quantified Chase Works:

    I used a variety of IOS applications that have HealthKit integration to track various data points about my life. Those IOS applications automatically import them into my Health app. I then use the QS Access App to export my data out of my Health app into a CSV. Next, I airdrop the CSV from my phone, onto my computer, and into the flask app that built this website. Flask is a popular webframework that helps you build web applications in python. I then deploy that web application using Heroku onto the internet, turning it into a website people can access.



    I track my sleep using my Iphone clock's In Bed functionality. Unfortunately the apple watch can't track sleep yet.


    I track my food using myfitnesspal. I am sure there are some innacuracies and the occasional day where I forget to log my food but I really try to be as accurate as possible.


    I track my active and resting calories from my apple watch. It is constantly reading my heart rate throughout the day which is a relatively good measure.

    The dietary energy is simply the amount of kcals I consume a day from food. I calculate this number from myfitnesspal.

    The net kcal is calculated by taking the amount of food I have consumed in a day minus the amount of calories I have burned (both active and resting).


    I use strava on my apple watch to input my workouts into the health app.